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You Are Going to Love Our Numbers!

2017 was a year of change and progression for the Northeast Missouri Humane Society.

We have refreshed our Board of Directors and joyfully welcomed a new Executive Director. The sky seems to be the limit here now. We are all overjoyed by what 2018 will bring.

But first, let us reflect on 2017. Our mission here at NEMOHS is to find a home for every single adoptable animal that enters our walls. A mission that both the staff and Board of Directors takes very seriously. We reside in these positions because we love animals. It is always our goal to do what is best for the animals placed in our care. Period. There is nothing else. We thank all of you that have supported us in our efforts to do just that. This shelter and its inhabitants are nothing without your support. Without your love and kind hearts, we cease to exist as a means to give these animals a new lease on life. So, as always, we thank you.

Now to the amazing news from 2017! The animal stats!

With your help, 90 Cats and 173 Dogs were adopted into their forever homes in 2017. In addition to that, 6 Cats and 58 Dogs were Rescued. Could these numbers be better? Yes. Are they going to be better? A resounding YES!

One of the services that we offer is one that people sometimes do not think of. But it is a service that we hold dear to our hearts. In the office it is called "return to owner". Our friends that have been a part of the receiving end of this service refer to it as "I want to hug you right now!" or "You saved my baby!". When your pet is lost and found by a kind citizen that calls Animal Control, they are brought to our facility. We care for your pet while they are lost. Please call us if you are missing a pet within Hannibal City Limits. In 2017 tears were shed when 27 Cats and 128 Dogs were returned to their families from our facility.

2018 has epic things in store for the Northeast Missouri Humane Society. We cannot wait for you to be a part of that and share in our excitement. Keep an eye out for our upcoming announcements.

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