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You can now schedule an appointment to bathe your own pup at our facility.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

Download our pdf SNAP app by clicking the "pdf" icon.  Find it on your devise where downloaded documents are saved.  Print it, fill it out and then call us for your return options.


Basset Hound Check-Up

Spay Neuter Assistance Program


NEMOHS offers a spay/neuter assistance program for people within the city limits of Hannibal. This program will pay for half of a spay or neuter. This SNAP voucher is ONLY redeemable at General Vet Clinic and Hannibal Vet Clinic. In order to qualify, you must fill out the application, schedule the spay/neuter appointment, and then let the shelter know when the appointment date is at least two days prior to the appointment. If you do not let the shelter know when the appointment is, they will not cover half of the cost. Applications are available at the NEMO Humane Society office during business hours. You can also download the link below and fill out the application.

Private Cremation Service

In Loving Memory

NEMOHS offers a cremation service for your beloved pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  We promise that you will only receive the ashes of your pet, carefully placed in a wooden urn.  

Pricing for these services:

  • 0-20 pounds      $90

  • 21-40 pounds    $110

  • 41-60 pounds    $130

  • 61-80 pounds    $150

  • 81+ pounds       $170

Dirty Dog Tub

Education & Outreach


Most of our efforts pertaining to this program involve studying new approaches and developing innovative ways to implement them.

Dogs with trainer
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